Acronym / code: H2EduS
Project type: Proof of Concept
Realization period: 2020 - 2021
Project funded by: Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
SRO project holder: VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade
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Principal investigator: Ivana Perović
Project website:

The development of renewable energy sources as the basis of sustainable development in the future represents a challenge that could be overcome by the hydrogen economy as one of the most appropriate ways to store and transport energy. In order to turn to the future of the hydrogen economy, which is gradually making its way on the world market, there is a need to change the thinking of young people. It is therefore necessary to educate students, providing them with the future skills required by this growing sector. The goal of the H2EduS (Hydrogen Educational Set) project is the development of a modular educational set as an auxiliary teaching tool for improving the quality of learning in primary and secondary schools. This set includes all the necessary components necessary to educate young people about the basic principles of renewable energy and the role of hydrogen in future global energy concepts. H2EduS is unique on our market, consisting of a large number of exchangeable components and a unique manual, all in accordance with the specific requirements of the end user. The key activities of the proposed project were the design of the complete set, construction and production of basic components and measuring devices for the basic parameters of the system, with a special emphasis on writing the accompanying manual.

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