Since the abolition of the nuclear program in 1968, the Vinca Institute, due to its rationalization, was divided into smaller research units, called laboratories. According to the Statute, laboratories and centers are the organizational units of the Institute.


Governing board

Members of the Board of Directors of the "Vinča" Institute for Nuclear Sciences:

Prof. Milan Martić, president,
Dr. Milena Marinović-Cincović, deputy president,
Prof. Dr. Esma Isenović, member,
Prof. Dr. Ivan Gržetić, PhD, member,
Prof. Dr. Ratko Ristić, member,
Dr. Ljupčo Hadžievski, member


Director's Office

Members of the Cabinet of the Institute for Nuclear Sciences "Vinča":

Prof. Snežana Pajović, Director of the Institute

The Scientific Council


Dr. Marija Janković, chair
Dr. Nikola Novaković, deputy chair
Dr. Milan Obradović, Secretary


Dr. Marija Janković,

Working bodies

The Commission for Monitoring the Competency List,
The Commission for the Promotion,
The Commission for Educational Activities,
The Commission Legislative Activity,
The Commission for Internal Seminars,
The Commission for Inventions and Technical Solutions,
The Commission for Awards and Recognitions,
The Publishing Council,
The Commission for International Cooperation,
The Commission for the Popularization and Disementation of Scientific Work at the Institute.