zastita od zracenja 2Radiation and Environmental Protection Department ("Protection" Laboratory) was founded in 1958, after the accident in the Vinca Institute research reactor, to highlight and professionalize the importance of radiation protection as a scientific and practical discipline. In addition to intensive scientific activity at the national and international level, the laboratory is also active on the market and holds the national standards of the Republic of Serbia for Gray and Sievert units for gamma and X-rays. The laboratory is a member of the Network of Secondary Standard Laboratories of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the World Health Organization (IAEA/WHO), a member of the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) and European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS).

Services we offer

Within the framework of commercial activity, the Radiation and Environmental Protection Department intensively cooperates with numerous clients (800-1000 clients per year), including the Ministry of Defense, the Clinical Center of Serbia, the Serbian Electricity Industry, the Serbian Petroleum Industry, JP "Vode Vojvodina", etc.

The services we provide in the framework of cooperation with the industry are:

  • dosimetric control of radiation sources in medicine and industry and preparation of documents required for approval of radiation activities at the Directorate for Radiation and Nuclear Safety of Serbia
  • consulting in the field of radiation protection
  • transport of radioactive material
  • calculation of protective barriers
  • calibration, preparation for certification, and irradiation in radiotherapy, diagnostic radiology, radiation protection, and individual monitoring.
  • individual monitoring of professionally exposed persons
  • examination of the level of non-ionizing radiation
  • assembly/disassembly of the radiation sources, decontamination of the working and living environment
  • determination of the content of radionuclides in samples of transported goods (import, export, transit), and samples from the environment
  • determination of radon content
  • training to respond in the event of a nuclear or radiological threat
  • development of instruments for measuring radioactive radiation.
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Laboratory has all the necessary licenses, authorizations, solutions and certificates

  • Authorizations of the Directorate for Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security of Serbia
  • Licenses of the Directorate for Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security of Serbia for the
  • The decision of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Certificate of the Accreditation Body of Serbia

Laboratory contact information

Organization unit: Radiation and Environmental Protection Department
Organizational unit number: 100
Head: dr Marija Šljivić-Ivanović
e-mail: ,
Phone: +381 11 3408 383