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Projects of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia

The Laboratory for Bioinformatics and Computer Chemistry participates in 2 projects approved for funding by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia:

As part of the Special research program on COVID-19,
the project COVIDTARGET - Repurposing of drugs for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 has started (

The lead Science and Research Organization Partner is the Laboratory for Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Sciences VINCA. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Belgrade and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and Galveston National Laboratory Preclinical Studies Core, Galveston United States.

Within the Program for excellent projects of young researchers (PROMIS), the project SYMBIOSYS - Controlled design of efficient enzymes @ MOF composites for biocatalysis underway. The laboratory is a partner of the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, and the Institute of Chemistry, Technology, and Metallurgy. Information about the project can be found at