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  • NOV 2022

    Dr Veljko Veljkovic in Sigma XI

    Dr. Veljko Veljkovic, principal research fellow (retired) of the Laboratory for Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry of the Vinča Institute, was nominated and elected as a full member of Sigma Xi, the oldest multidisciplinary, international scientific association founded in 1886. The basis for membership in this scientific association is the general importance of the scientific contribution evaluated by full members of Sigma Xi, who can only propose candidates for membership in this prestigious association. The results of the scientific work on the basis of which Dr. Veljkovic was nominated as a member of Sigma Xi were achieved during his fifty years of work at the Vinca Institute. This mainly refers to the contribution to the establishment of Electronic Biology as a new scientific discipline (Electronic Biology).
    Information about Sigma Xi: Sigma_Xi Wiki, sigmaxi. Among Sigma Xi members there are more than 200 Nobel prize winners, including Alberta Einstein, Linus Poling, James Watson, Francis Crick, Enrico Fermi i Richard Feynman (nobel-laureates). One of the famous scientists from Serbia who was in Sigma Xi was Mihajlo Pupin (pupininfo).

  • APR 2022

    Branka in the Presidency of BIRBI

    At the Assembly of the Serbian Society for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BIRBI), held on 6.4.2022., Dr Branislava Gemović was chosen to be a member of the Presidency of the Society.

  • DEC 2021

    Dr Nevena Veljkovic for Politika and TV Prva

    Naši ljudi su genetski skloni visokom krvnom pritisku and JUTRO - Dr Nevena Veljković o genetskoj strukturi Srba | PRVA about research entitled "The First Insight into the Genetic Structure of the Population of Modern Serbia" published in Sci Rep. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-93129-4.

  • APR 2021


    Our Lab is the main organizer of the conference Belgrade Bioinformatics 2021 (BelBI2021). The conference will be held online from 21st to 25th June, 2021.
    Many esteemed speakers will join our sections that will include biomedical informatics, machine learning in biology and medicine, bioinformatics of OMICs data and bioinformatics research of COVID-19, among other.
    As part of the conference, we organized a one-day Galaxy Training.
    Also, we have provided many numerous Participation Grants for students and young researchers.
    We are very excited about our role in the organization of this important event. We hope we’ll see you at BelBI2021!

  • AUG 2019

    Professor Milivoj Dopsaj and Dr Edelmiro Moman visited our Lab

    Professor Milivoj Dopsaj and Dr Edelmiro Moman were in a work visit to our lab, on August 14th. It was an opportunity for joint tour of Museum at the Archaeological site of Vinča.

  • JUL 2019

    Tamara at the GCC2019 in Freiburg

    Tamara attended Galaxy Community Conference 2019 (GCC2019) in Freiburg, Germany. She was a fellowship recipient for early career researches from Galaxy Community Fund. She presented a poster, entitled: "Applying new model for predicting effects of gene variants in epigenetic regulators within Galaxy environment".

  • JUN 2019

    Tamara, Branka i Rajko at the Ensembl workshops

    Tamara, Branka and Rajko participated at the Ensembl workshops, held during June 11-14 at the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGE). Trainer was Astrid Gall and the workshops were dedicated to the Ensembl browser, variations databases and REST API service for obtaining Ensembl data.

  • MAY 2019

    Nevena teaches Genomics at the Faculty of Biology

    During summer semester 2018/19., Nevena participated in the organization of Genomics, an optional course at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. Seven students took this course this year. Vlada and Nevena held several lectures, tutorials and exercises. Our collaborators from the Freiburg Galaxy team provided support and computational resources (Freiburg Galaxy team).

  • MAY 2019

    Katarina – Teenager of the Year 2019 at the Innovation Week

    Our associate Katarina Stanković got award for the Teenager of the Year 2019 at the Innovation Week 2019, held on 20-24 May at the Impact Hub in Belgrade. This award is a follow up of Katarina’s dedicated work in science, especially her research done in our lab, which was focused on the functional annotation of proteins. Report on the Innovation week, award winers and Katarina’s accomplishments was published in weekly Ilustrovana Politika on 04.06.2019. and can be found on this link.

  • APR 2019

    We started collaboration with Temple University on student projects

    Project "Systems genomics of male and female-biased interaction networks in Drosophila protein-protein interaction networks, sex-biased expression" started and it will involve collaboration of students from Universities of Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia, and Temple University, USA. PI from Serbia is Nevena Veljković, director of our Lab, and Pis from temple University are Rob Kulathinal, Professor at Department of Biology, and Zoran Obradović, director of the Center for Data Analytics and Biomedical Informatics. Our team members, besides Nevena, are Branka, Tamara and students Milica Aleksić, Department of Biochemistry, University of Novi Sad, Milan Đorđević and Milica Medić, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, and Katarina Stanković, School of Electrical Engineering, University of belgrade.

  • APR 2019

    Rajko at the GREEKC hackathon

    Rajko participated at the hackathon organised by GREEKC COST Action in Marsel, France, April 23-26. The theme of the workshop was: "Interoperability of software tools, omics data sources and the Knowledge Commons".

  • MAR 2019

    Vlada’s talk at the Seven Bridges

    Vlada had a talk: "Prediction of protein functions and interactions using machine learning algorithms" at the Meetup zone of Seven Bridges, on March 22. Details of the event are available at this link.

  • MAR 2019

    Milan at the first meeting of ERNEST

    Milan attended first MC meeting of a new COST Action ERNEST - European Research Network on Signal Transduction (CA18133), as a MC substitute for Serbia. Meeting was held on March 11th in Brussels, Belgium.

  • FEB 2019

    Milana Grbić on STSM in our Lab

    Milana Grbić, senior assistant at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Banja Luka, spent two weeks in our Lab on a Short term Scientific Mission (STSM) funded by a grant from NGP-net COST Action (BM1405). Her research focused on application of network analysis on a functional annotation of Intrinsically Disordered proteins (IDP). Results of this research indicate possibility for application of proposed procedure for the development of new tool for functional annotation of IDP and they will be included in Milana’s PhD thesis.

  • JAN 2019

    Bioinformatics training: Analysis of genomic data with Galaxy platform

    Laboratory for Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry, Vinča Institute, organized two-day workshop on the analysis of genomic Big Data with Galaxy platform. In the workshop, held at the January 17-18, participated fifty professors and researchers from universities and institutes from Serbia, as well as students of the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. Lecterures and trainers were distinguished members of Galaxy community from Germany, Dr Björn Grüning, leader of the Freiburg Galaxy project, Dr Bérénice Batut, leader of the Freiburg Galaxy training program, and Helena Rasche, expert in the genome annotation, administrationd and development of Galaxy.
    Training enabled participants to get introduced to Galaxy platform and to do basic analisys of ChIP-seq and RNA-seq data.
    Link for the workshop Web-site:

  • DEC 2018

    Veljko, Sanja and Milan at the last meeting of COST Action CM1407 at Tenerife

    Veljko, Sanja and Milan attended the last meeting of COST Action CM1407, held in December in La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain. Sanja had a lecture "Combined in silico Approaches for the Selection of Dual Inhibitors of Wild Type and S31N Mutant of M2 Channel", while Milan presented a poster: "Combined in silico Approaches for the Selection of Dual Inhibitors of Wild Type and S31N Mutant of M2 Channel".

  • NOV 2018

    Rajko’s invited talk at the Hbioinfo2018

    Rajko participated at the Hellenic Bioinformatics conference (Hbioinfo2018), held during November 15-18th in Thessaloniki, Greece. He gave invited talk, titled "Prediction of Human Phenotype Ontology terms using sequence information and enrichment analyses".

  • OCT 2018

    Branka at the GREEKC meeting in EMBL-EBI

    Branka participated at the MC meeting of the GREEC COST Action, held at the EMBL-EBI institute in Hinxton, UK. During October 1-2, she participated in the workshops dedicated to the biological ontologies and text mining. During her visit to the EMB-EBI, Branka visited Dr Alex Bateman, head of Protein Sequence Resources of the EMBL-EBI.

  • SEP 2018

    Milica Aleksić defended her graduation thesis

    Milica Aleksić successfully defended her graduation thesis at the Department for Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Protection, University of Novi Sad, entitled: "Applying bioinformatics methods to predict cellular localization of proteins in mitochondria", which was done in our Lab.

  • SEP 2018

    Milan in Estonia

    Milan got scholarship from Estonian National scholarship programme for academic staff and researchers. He spent three weeks in the Institute of Chemistry, University of Tartu, Estonia, working with Dr Alfonso Garcia-Sosa. He was working on drug repurposing in the selection of novel cardioprotective and multi-targeting compounds.

  • AUG 2018

    Our posters at the US-Serbia & West Balkan Data Science Workshop

    Katarina, Emilija, Tamara and Branka presented research performed in our Lab during poster session at the US-Serbia & West Balkan Data Science Workshop.

  • AUG 2018

    Vlada’s talk at the US-Serbia & West Balkan Data Science Workshop

    Vlada gave a talk "Automatic annotation of the human proteome: Prediction of protein-protein interactions and disease phenotype associations", during Biomedical Informatics track at the US-Serbia & West Balkan Data Science Workshop.

  • AUG 2018

    Nevena co-chaired Biomedical Informatics track at the US-Serbia & West Balkan Data Science Workshop

    Nevena participated in the organization of the US-Serbia & West Balkan Data Science Workshop, held at Palace Serbia in Belgrade, August 26-28. The workshop was organized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) with the aim to explore possibilities of US – Serbia & West Balkan cooperation in the data science field. Nevena co-chaired Biomedical Informatics track and chaired and moderated Panel on international and interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • JUN 2018

    Ana Vuković defended her master thesis

    Ana Vuković successfully defended her master thesis at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. Title of the thesis is "Epistatic interactions of genetic variants related to benign hyperplasia of prostate in Serbian population". The research was done in our lab under Vlada’s supervision.

  • JUN 2018

    Prof. Vrecl Fazarinc visiting our Centre

    Prof. Milka Vrecl Fazarinc from Veterinary faculty, University of Ljubljana, visited our Centre from June 18-22, 2018. During her visit we were working on the article regarding in silico and experimental research on nanobody derived peptides, discussed possibilities for further cooperation and presentedjoint poster at the Belbi 2018 Conference.

  • JUN 2018

    BelBI 2018 special session on non-globular proteins

    There was a special session on the non-globular proteins held on the June 20th, within the BelBi 2018 conference. During this session there were six talks and the plenary lecture was held by Prof. Burkhard Rost. Detailed program is here. Session was supported by the COST Action BM1405, while the organizers were Nevena and Prof. Pavlović-Lažetić and Prof. Mitić from the Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade University.

  • JUN 2018

    BelBi 2018

    Our Center participated at the BelBi 2018 conference, held during June 18-22 in Belgrade. We had two talks: Vlada had a presentation entitled "Prediction of Human Phenotype Ontology Terms For Intrinsically Disordered Proteins", and Rajko’s talk was "DiNGO: stand-alone application for GO and HPO term enrichment". Also, our associate Ana Vuković had a presentation "Higher-order genetic interactions in prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia". Neven, Milan and Branka presented results during poster sessions.

  • APR 2018

    Gold medal for Katarina Stanković on ICYS

    Katarina Stanković, a graduate at the Mathematical Grammar School, won a gold medal on the International Conference for Young Scientist (ICYS), held in Belgrade, in the area of Computer Science. She presented a research done in our Center, titled "Functional annotation of proteins: application on MYBL2, a gene involved in the onset and progression of cancer".

  • APR 2018

    Vlada and Branka on Biocuration Conference in Shanghai

    Vlada and Branka attended the Biocuration Conference in Shanghai, China. Vlada had a talk on the subject of "Computational Approach to Prediction of Human Gene - Phenotype Association for Intrinsically Disordered Proteins". Branka presented a poster titled "Function Annotation Algorithm Based on Sequence Spectral Features: Application on Human Transcription Factors".

  • APR 2018

    Second place for Katarina Stanković at the scientific competition for high-school students

    Katarina won second place in the area of Informatics at the National scientific competition for high-schools students, organized by the Regional center for Talents. She presented research "Functional annotation of proteins: Application on MYBL2, a gene involved in the onset and progression of cancer", performed in our Center.

  • MAR 2018

    Milan at COST CM1406 Training School in Istanbul

    Milan attended the "Computational Methods in Drug Design" Training School in the frame of COST Action CM1406 (EPICHEMBIO). The event took place at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, 22-24 March 2018.

  • MAR 2018

    Sanja at Natchemdrugs on Malta

    Sanja attended the COST Action CM1407 5th MC/WG meetings on Malta, held at March 1-2, 2018. She presented the collaborative poster entitled: "In silico screening of database of natural products for the selection of dual HIV reverse transcriptase and integrase candidate inhibitors."

  • FEB 2018

    Vlada at the NGP-net Workshop

    Vlada participated at the NGP-net Workshop on Structural and Functional Tandem Repeat Regions in Proteomes, 19-21 st February, in Montpellier, France.

  • FEB 2018

    Branka at the GREEKC Workshop

    Branka participated at the GREEKC workshop "The Nuts and Bolts of an Interoperable Knowledge Commons", 12-14 February 2018, held at the Faculty of Medicine, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • JAN 2018

    Rajko at the NGP-net Training school in Nicosia

    Rajko participated at the 2nd NGP-net Winter School on Computational Methods for Non-Globular Proteins, 09-12 January 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus.

  • DEC 2017

    Sanja's talk on the occasion of the World Day Against HIV/AIDS

    On the occasion of the World Day Against HIV/AIDS in Vračar municipality on December 1, 2017, an educational lecture on the role of physical activity in the prevention of infectious and chronic diseases was held. The gathering was opened by the President of the City Municipality of Vračar, Prof. Dr Milan Nedeljković, followed by a lecture titled "Physical Activity in the Prevention of HIV and Cancer" held by Prof. Dr Milivoj Dopsaj from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the University of Belgrade and Dr Sanja Glišić from the Center for Multidisciplinary Research at the Institute Vinča. The aim of this lecture was to promote the results achieved by researchers from Institute Vinča in cooperation with colleagues from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the University of Belgrade, the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Belgrade and the Italian National Institute for Cancer CRO, referring to the molecular mechanisms on which it is based the protective action of the physical activity against HIV and cancer.

  • OCT 2017

    Tamara Drljača defended her master thesis

    Tamara Drljača successfully defended her master thesis at the Department for Biology and Ecology, University of Novi Sad, entitled: "Mapping of protein-protein interactions of estrogen receptors alpha and beta and progesterone in breast cancer", which was done in our Center.

  • OCT 2017

    Branka at the GREEKC Training School in Lisbon

    Branka participated at the Training School "Knowledge Commons and Tools interoperability", within COST action "GREEKC: Gene Regulation Ensemble Effort for the Knowledge Commons".

  • OCT 2017

    Veljko and Sanja at the COST meeting in Lausanne

    Veljko and Sanja attended the 4 th WG/MC meeting of the COST action CM1307 "Targeted chemotherapy towards diseases caused by endoparasites", in Lausanne, 25-27 October 2017. Sanja had a presentation "Leishmaniasis - possibilities for drug repurposing".

  • SEP 2017

    Sanja at the COST meeting in Lisbon

    Sanja attended the 4 th WG/MC meeting of COST action CM1407 "Challenging organic syntheses inspired by nature - from natural products chemistry to drug discovery", in Lisbon, 21-22 September 2017. She presented research entitled "In silico screening of spices with possible anti-HIV ingredients".

  • SEP 2017

    Nikola Nonković defended his master thesis

    Nikola Nonković successfully defended his master thesis at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, entitled: "Estimation of the risk for prostate cancer occurrence in Serbian population based on the detection of epistatic interactions of genetic variants", which was done in our Center.

  • SEP 2017

    We participated at the first CoMBoS

    Vlada had an invited talk at the first Congress of Molecular Biologists of Serbia (CoMBoS), titled: "Annotation of the Functional Impact of Coding Genetic Variants". The talk was published in full in the Biologia Serbica, 2017, 39(1): 74-82. Rajko participated in the poster section, with the poster: "MethSpec: a computational tool for evaluation of methylaton specific PCR primer specificity".
    Nevena was a member of the program committee of the first CoMBoS. Additionally, she was a chair of the poster section BIOMEDICINE and had a great pleasure to hand the award for the best poster.

  • SEP 2017

    Nevena and Vlada at the NGP-Net Symposium on non-globular proteins in Košice

    Nevena and Vlada participated at the third NGP-Net Symposium on non-globular proteins in Košice, Slovakia. Nevena had oral presentation, titled: "IDP PPI prediction method based on various sequence representations", and Vlada had a poster "Improving a machine-learning approach for determination of genuine tandem repetitive sequences with enclosure of Fourier-based features", co-authored by Nevena, Neven and Andrey Kajava (University of Montpellier).

  • MAY 2017

    Strahinja at training school in Siena

    Strahinja attended COST1307 Action 2nd Training School "Anti-parasitic drug design and screening in silico" in Certosa di Pontignano, Italy. He presented his research project "Study of leishmanial type II NDH2 dehydrogenase inhibition mechanism using molecular dynamics." co-authored by Milan Senćanski, Sanja Glišić, Mattia Mori and Professor Maurizio Botta. Training School started 19th and ended 21st of May.

  • APR 2017

    Vlada's talk at the BIMLS 2017

    Vlada had an invited talk at the Belgrade International Molecular Life Science Conference for Students (BIMLS), Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade 4-7 April 2017. His speech was titled "Big data in biology".

  • APR 2017

    Our student won silver on ICYS 2017 in Stuttgart

    Emilija Jovanović won silver medal in the International Conference of Young Scientists (ICYS 2017) in Stuttgart, Germany with the research work "Bioinformatics analysis of ASXL1 protein mutations, important biomarkers of myeloid malignancies", performed in our Centre. With the same research, Emilija won first prize in the national competition of research papers of highschool students, organized by Regional Center for Talents.

  • MAR 2017

    Strahinja on a mission in Siena

    Strahinja was awarded with a grant for Short Term Scientific Mission, in the frame of COST Action 1307: Targeted chemotherapy towards diseases caused by endoparasites. He spent one month at the University of Siena, department for Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, under supervision of Prof. Maurizio Botta and Dr. Mattia Mori. The title of his research was "Study of leishamnial type II NDH2 dehydrogenase inhibition mechanism using molecular dynamics (MD)".

  • FEB 2017

    Rajko at NGP-net Winter School

    Rajko attended NGP-net Winter School on Experimental Methods for Protein Disorder & Aggregation in Marseille, France. It was held at the Architecture et Fonction des Macromolécules Biologiques (AFMB), from 13th to 17th February.

  • DEC 2016

    Neven on a Mission in Montpellier

    Neven won a grant for Short Term Scientific Mission, as part of the COST Action BM1405: Non-globular proteins in molecular physiopathology. He spent 2 weeks in the Centre de Recherche en Biologie cellulaire de Montpellier, under supervision of Dr Andrey Kajava, working on "Improving a scoring tool for boundary determination between repetitive and non-repetitive protein sequences by using machine learning methods".

  • OCT 2016

    Milan at 2nd MOLIM Meeting in Dubrovnik

    Milan attended the 2nd MOLIM General Meeting in Dubrovnik from 10 to 12 October 2016. He had an oral presentation entitled "Theoretical Study of the Nature of S-π Interactions, Their Role in Activation Process of Dopamine D2 Receptor and Comparison with Se-π Systems" at the Young Scientists Forum.

  • SEP 2016

    Branislava won the award Stanka Romac Fondation

    Branislava got the first time awarded "Stanka Romac Foundation" prize for the best PhD thesis in the research areas of human molecular genetics and biomedicine for 2014 - 2016. The Foundation was established in honour of prof. Romac who has given an exceptional contribution to the development of molecular biology and PCR diagnostics in Serbia.
    The prize was awarded at the celebration of the Day of the Faculty of Biology in the Botanical Garden "Jevremovac".

  • SEP 2016

    Branislava at In vitro evaluation of compounds with anticancer potential

    Branislava attended the training school "In vitro evaluation of compounds with anticancer potential" held at the Institute for Biological Research Siniša Stanković. She presented a poster "Predicting protein function from sequence and co-expression: preliminary results for breast cancer molecular markers"

  • SEP 2016

    Nevena at Autumn GLISTEN 2016 in Prague

    Nevena attended the Autumn GLISTEN 2016 conference and the COST Action CM1207 meeting in Prague. The conference took place in National Library of Technology on 26-27 September 2016. She presented the colaborative poster entitled: "Rational design and computational profiling of I1 agonists/antagonists for GPCRs".

  • SEP 2016

    NGP-Net 2016, Crowne Plaza Belgrade 14-18 Sept., 2016

    Center for multidisciplinary research was the organizer of the 2nd Symposium on non-globular proteins, NGP-Net 2016. The scientific program and book of abstracts can be find here.

  • OCT 2015

    Translational Cancer Research: Italy meets Serbia. October 28th 2015, at Palazzo Italia in Belgrade

    We participate in organization of the bilateral meeting entitled "Italy meets Serbia - Translational Cancer Research: the Use of Physics and Chemistry". The intention of the meeting is to foster interactions between Serbian and Italian researchers in the field of life sciences with the aim to fight malignant diseases. The meeting will take place on October 28th 2015, at Palazzo Italia in Belgrade. Details about the meeting can be found here.

    Ambassador of Italy in Belgrade Giuseppe Manzo and scientific attache Paolo Batinelli with participants of the event.

  • OCT 2015

    Medicinal Chemistry in Parasitology, COST CM1307 conference, October 26-28, 2015 at hotel Palace, Belgrade

    We are organizers of the joint COST Action CM1307 2nd Conference and WG2 and WG3 Meetings on targeted chemotherapy towards diseases caused by endoparasites. The event will take place on October 26-28th 2015, at hotel Palace in Belgrade. For the meeting details see here.

  • OCT 2015

    Sanja at the First CM1407 Action Meeting in Rome, Italy

    Sanja presented our work at the First CM1407 Action Meeting in Rome, Italy: "In silico screening of natural products for the selection of dual HIV CCR5/CXCR4 candidate inhibitors".

  • OCT 2015

    Ivana and Vlada at the First NGP-NET Symposium on Non-Globular Proteins in Porto, Portugal

    Ivana and Vlada presented our works at the First NGP-NET Symposium on Non-Globular Proteins in Porto, Portugal: "Novel phylogenetic algorithm to monitor human tropism in Egyptian H5N1-HPAIV reveals evolution toward efficient human-to-human transmission" and "Understanding Prions Using Sequence Spectral Features".

  • OCT 2015

    Milan at the GLISTEN Amsterdam 2015 conference

    Milan presented our work at the GLISTEN Amsterdam 2015 conference "Combined in silico approaches for selection of novel nociception receptor small molecule agents".

  • MAY 2015

    Visit of dr Slobodan Paessler (UTMB)

    Dr. Slobodan Paessler, an associate Prof. at Medical Branch of the University of Texas and director of Animal Biosafety Level 3, Institute for Human Infections and Immunity visited our Center and gave a lecture on his latest research. There were also many opportunities for networking and discussing future cooperation and joint projects.

  • MAY 2015

    First prize at the 2015 Open door poster session

    Poster created during Vinca's workshop "Leukemia from the computer biologist's view", held last year in our Center, won the first prize at the Vinca's Open door poster session. Authors of the poster are students Avdalovic A, Chalabi E, Jevremovic M, Kosijer P, Lazovic T, Nedeljkovic M and Savic N, mentored by Branislava Gemovic.

  • MAY 2015

    Nevena and Milan at the COST1103 conference

    Nevena gives an invited talk: "Long-range intermolecular interactions of neurotransmitters and neurotransmitter receptors" at the COST CM1103 ESR conference: "Computational Chemistry for Neurological Targets", on May 7, 2015. At the same conference, Milan gives a research presentation: "Combined in silico approaches for selection of potential ORL1 receptor ligands"

  • MAR 2015

    PhD thesis oral defense of Branislava Gemovic

    Oral defense of the PhD thesis of Branislava Gemovic, titled "Bioinformatics analysis of proteins involved in pathogenesis of myeloid malignancies", will be held on Friday April 3th 2015 at 1 pm in the library of the Institute of physiology and biochemistry, Faculty of Biology (Strudentski trg, 2nd floor). Commission for the oral defense is: Dr Nevena Veljkovic (Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, mentor), Dr Dusanka Savic Pavicevic (Faculty of Biology, mentor), Dr Dragomir Marisavljevic (Faculty of Medicine), Dr Katarina Nikolic (Faculty of Pharmacy) and Dr Goran Brajuskovic (Faculty of Biology).

  • FEB 2015

    Our research paper in top 5% by Altmetric

    Altmetric has tracked 3.195.911 articles across all journals so far. Compared to these, our article has done particularly well and is in the 97% percentile: it´s in the top 5% of all articles ever tracked by Altmetric.

  • DEC 2014

    VINCRO at CRO Meets Industry 14

    CRO Aviano meets Industry, December 11, 2014. (12/5/2014) - VINCRO is patent pending technology developed by Vinca, Centre for multidisciplinary research and Centro di Riferimento Oncologico (CRO), National Cancer Institute, Aviano, Italy. VINCRO applications in radiation protection and development of vaccines, were presented and discussed at the event. (Programme)
    Veljko Veljkovic at Cro Aviano YouTube channel.

  • NOV 2014

    Workshop for High School students

    We held a workshop 'Leukemia from the computational biologist's perspective' as part of the project for science popularization Vinca's scientific workshops. Seven high school students from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Ruma and Novi Pazar participated.

  • NOV 2014

    BioTechniques published article about our research

  • OCT 2014

    Elsevier issued press release of our study

    Explaining how flu vaccines prevent heart attacks, Elsevier issued press release of our study in Vaccine.