NGP-NET 2016

2nd NGP-NET Symposium

Non-globular proteins (NGPs) have been an emerging concept in protein science encompassing different molecular phenomena including intrinsically disordered regions, tandem repeats, aggregating domains, low-complexity sequences and transmembrane domains. The identification of many NGPs among regulatory and signaling molecules, interaction hubs and scaffold elements highlighted their significance for the molecular physiopathology of many human diseases.

NGP-NET 2016 aims at bringing together computational researchers and experimentalists to present and discuss current developments in the NGP field.

The NGP-NET symposiums are organized yearly in the framework of COST ACTION BM1405 (Non-globular Proteins in Molecular Physiopathology). In 2016 it is hosted by the Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca.

Download a copy of the NGP-NET 2016 announcement.

COST Institute of Nuclear Sciences VINCA