II International workshop:
Control of light and matter waves propagation and localization in photonic lattices

Belgrade, 28-29 August 2015

Workshop in Linköping, 2014
Photonica 2015
P* Group
Theoretical Physics, Linköping University
Nonlinear Optics Group (NLOG)


This is the second of a planned series of three workshops, organized with support from an International collaborative research grant from the Swedish Research Council, within the Swedish Research Links programme. An overall main scientific purpose of the project is to develop and understand novel ways to use nonlinear effects for controlling light signals in all-optical devices. We are here particularly focusing on the roles of nonlinear localization and dynamical instabilities for the possibility to achieve coherent transport of localized light beams in photonic lattices, such as arrays of coupled waveguides. However, the topic has a highly interdisciplinary character, as similar phenomena may arise in widely different contexts, for example with coupled Bose-Einstein condensates. The project is a collaboration with scientists from the Linköping University,Linköping, Universidad de Chile, Santiago and Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade. The workshop will bring together scientists from these institutions working with theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches, as well as few external speakers. The next workshop is planned to be held in Santiago.


This time II International workshop Control of light and matter waves propagation and localization in photonic lattices will be joined with V International School and Conference PHOTONICA 2015 in Belgrade (28-29 August 2015).

Main organiser

Aleksandra Maluckov, Belgrade

Project leaders

Magnus Johansson, Linköping
Rodrigo A. Vicencio, Santiago
Milutin Stepić, Belgrade


Alexander Szameit, Jena, Germany
Andrey Gorbach, Bath, UK
Magnus Johansson, Linköping, Sweden
Rodrigo A. Vicencio, Santiago, Chile
Uta Naether, Zaragoza, Spain
Cristian Mejía-Cortés, Barranquilla, Colombia
Petra Beličev, Belgrade, Serbia
Luis Morales-Inostroza, Santiago, Chile
Danny López-González, Santiago, Chile
Peter Jensen, Linköping, Sweden

Tentative schedule

Following talks will be given on Saturday 29 August at Faculty of Physics (Studentski trg 12):

10:00-10:30 Cristian Mejía-Cortés - Interplay of disorder and PT symmetry in one-dimensional optical lattices

10:30-11:00 Danny López-González - Transport of extended and localized waves in linear and nonlinear one-dimensional N-mer lattices

11:00-11:30 Rodrigo A. Vicencio - Discrete Flat-band photonics lattices

11:30-12:00 Petra Beličev - Flat-band as a playground for localized modes in nonlinear binary kagome ribbons

12:00-13:30 Lunch break

13:30-14:00 Uta Naether - Nonlinear compact localized modes of sawtooth lattices

14:00-14:30 Luis Morales-Inostroza - Transport and edge localization in linear Sawtooth photonic lattices

14:30-15:00 Magnus Johansson - Rotational energy barriers: Charge-flipping of discrete vortices and rotation of dipole discrete gap solitons

Talks scheduled for Friday 28 August are announced in program of Photonica2015.