V International School and Conference on Photonics 
August 24 - 28, 2015, Belgrade, Serbia

The Deadline for manuscript submission is extended until October 14!

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IV International School and 
Conference on Photonics

III International School and 
Conference on Photonics

II International School and 
Conference on Photonics

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Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia

Social events


Welcome cocktail:

On the first day of the conference (August 24, 2015), right after the opening ceremony, a welcome cocktail will be organized for the guests of the PHOTONICA2015. This cocktail will take place in a Salon of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts building.


Sightseeing tour:

On Wednesday (August 26, 2015), after the open round table, a sightseeing tour of Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan will be organized. The tour will include a visit of Underground Belgrade which hides more than one hundred caves, canals, tunnels, passages and incredible stories in connection to various empires and states that have ruled over ages in this area. There will be selected undergrounds paths from the Roman, Austrian, Turkish and Serbian period:

Roman Hall - preserves tower of the main entrance gate of Roman fortress. In Roman hall at the presentation we will briefly show you some sites that are presently beneath the surface of today's Belgrade, and have witnessed its turbulent history 7000 years long. 

Roman well is true attraction on Belgrade fortress, built in 18th century, represents heritage from Austrian time. Alfred Hickok was amazed with the well, you will see why. 

Big gunpowder storage house - you will have the chance to touch the walls of the cave which Austrians built as the part of the fortress which served as the defense of Christian Europe against Turkish Empire. 

Wine cellar in the cave - from the time of the liberation of Serbia from Turkey in 19th century, where we will necessarily have some wine.

Bunker - from the time of the Cold War after the World War 2, and you will get to know some of the President Tito's political games between great countries. 


Conference dinner:

On Wednesday evining (August 26, 2015), at 19:30, the conference dinner will take a place in Hotel Majestic.


Important: The Deadline for submission of manuscript is extended until October 14, 2015.

Important: In order to submit a manuscript please log in here and proceed. Please, strictly follow given instructions there and prepare the manuscript in LaTeX form, using the following template, or in MS Word, using the following template. Restriction on number of pages is 12 for tutorial, keynote and invited speakers and 6 for the regular participants. Deadline for submission is October 8, 2015.

Selected peer reviewed contributions will be published in a Special Issue of Optical and Quantum Electronics on the subject of Advances in the science of light.

PHOTONICA2015 Best Poster Prize Winners:

1. Sanja Radosavljevic, Photonic Research Group, Ghent University, Belgium
Efficient grating couplers for the 5um wavelength range implemented on a Ge on Si or Ge on SOI waveguide platform for midIR sensing applications

2. Stefan Stamenkovic, Center for Laser Microscopy, Institute for Physiology and Biochemestry, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Imaging glial activation and tissue metal composition in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

3. Nataliya Berberova, Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies, Sofia, Bulgaria
Optically addressed spatial light modulator assembled by organic-inorganic hybrid structure

First awarded won 200 euros from European Physical Society (EPS) and all three winners are awarded by Nature Publishing Group with annual subscription to Nature Photonics.

Confirmed Plenary/Tutorial Speakers:  

Giulio Cerullo
Vlatko Vedral
Peter Schaaf
Philip Russell
Sandro Stringari
Philippe Grangier

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:  

Alex Rozhin
Mario Silveirinha
Timothy Wilkinson
Charles Adams
Ortwin Hess
Edik U. Rafailov
Dragomir Neshev

Confirmed Invited Speakers:  

Walter Hofstetter
Andrey Gorbach
Mauro Pereira
Cinzia Casiraghi
Vladimir Marko Stojanovic
Vladana Vukojevic
Dmitry Churkin
Ticijana Ban
Gaetano Mileti
Riccardo Cicchi
Alexander Szameit
Goran Mashanovich
Milos Popovic
Nikola Stojanovic
Giannis Zacharakis
Eleni Makarona
Emmanuel Stratakis
Dmitri Boiko
Vladimir Djokovic
Bojan Resan
Tara Liebisch
Luca Pezze
Graciana Puentes
Stefan Wabnitz

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