Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences              University of Belgrade

Departments / Centres


The Institute is divided into research units that are rather independent in their research and management. They include 13 departments (sometimes traditionally referred to as "laboratories"), three centres, the Centre for Foreign Trade and the Department of Common Services. Within the internal organization scheme, each department is assigned a number preceding its name.


010 Department of Physics

011 Department of Nuclear and Plasma Physics  
020 Department of Theoretical and Condensed Matter Physics  
030 Department of Radiation Chemistry and Physics  
040 Department of Atomic Physics 
050 Department of Physical Chemistry  
060 Department of Chemical Dynamics and Permanent Education  
070 Department of Radioisotopes
080 Department of Radiobiology and Molecular Genetics  
090 Department of Molecular Biology and Endocrinology  
100 Department of Radiation and Environmental Protection  
140 Department of Thermal Engineering and Energy  
160 Centre for Motor Vehicles  
170 Department of Materials Science  
180 Centre for Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering  
240 Centre for Foreign Trade  
280 Explosion Protection Centre
BIRO - Certification Bureau
C.P.O. - Centre for Permanent Education

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