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Center NTI basic information

Contact address: 
Center NTI, Vinča Institute for Nuclear Sciences
P.O. box 522
11001 Be
tel / fax: +381 11 244 74 57

Contact person: 
Mirjana BorotaCenter Office secretary

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NTI Center personnel play a significant role in the activities of Nuclear Society of Serbia and in the Nuclear Engineering section of the ETRAN society

NTI Center has established contacts and developed cooperation with many similar organizations in the world Nuclear related links

Professional resumes
of Center NTI employees:
  • Antić Dragoljub >>
  • Ljubenov Vladan >>
  • Pešić Milan >>


Center for Nuclear Technologies and Research NTI is formed in 2002 within the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, joining together Nuclear Engineering Laboratory NET and RA Research Reactor Department. Center NTI is operator of RA research reactor and RB critical assembly. The main task of the Center is efficient realization of several major projects within VIND Program, concerning improvement of nuclear and radiation safety of the RA research reactor and the Institute in whole. The manager of the NTI Center is M.Sc. Vladan Ljubenov. Center activities are carried out by 13 researchers (4 Ph.D., 4 M.Sc., 5 B.Sc.), 24 technicians, 2 secretaries and 2 supporting staff.

>> Center NTI Organization

  • RA reactor department - manager Stevo Cupac, B.Sc.
  • RB reactor department - manager Miodrag Milošević, M.Sc.
  • Department of reactor physics and engineering - manager Vladan Ljubenov, M.Sc.


>> Scientific Research

  • Reactor Physics
  • Safety and Control of Nuclear Reactors
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Radiation Protection
  • Fusion and Accelerators


>> Operating Activities

  • Operating and maintenance of RB reactor
  • Maintenance of RA reactor
  • RA reactor spent fuel removal
  • Decommissioning


>> Download

  • M. Miloševic, M. Pešic, S. Avdic, D. Nikolic: "A Comparative Study of Effective Delayed Neutron Fraction", Annals of Nuclear Energy, UK, Vol. 22, No. 6. pp. 389-394 (1995) Download Full text (PDF, 293 KB)
  • M. Pešic, N. Zavaljevski, M. Miloševic, D. Stefanovic, D. Popovic, D. Nikolic, P. Marinkovic, S. Avdic: "A Study on Criticality of Coupled Fast-Thermal Core HERBE at RB Reactor", Annals of Nuclear Energy, UK, Vol. 18, No. 7. pp. 413-420 (1991) Download Full text (PDF, 2.28 MB)
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